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He once had a normal full time job. A job like other normal folk leading normal lives. He left that job. Now he works as the security guard of a local club. That club building is his abode now. He stays there at night, cooks food and does his cleaning by himself in his makeshift ‘home’. . He also functions as a priest for the club’s temple. He is happy to live thus, and so is the club to receive his multiple services. Who are we discussing here? His name is Gautam Mitra. “Hmm – that is a modest life with not many highlights,” you would quietly say to yourself, if this is all you know about him. They say, a person’s choices make a person what s/he is. Gautam Mitra chose this life for a reason. His love and commitment for street animals. They are his priority in life. He has devoted his life to feed, serve and support street animals. Gautam da did not start a family. He does not advertise his deeds, nor does he get any government or formal support to carry out his benevolent service. Gautam da uses the club premises to shelter his beloved dogs and cats. The club is okay with it. He also carries out basic medical care of his babies…sometimes taking advice support from us (@ARC). At times Gautam da visits far off locations to carry out spot treatments for animals. For some of them he is likely the only hope of getting medical attention. Not only medication. Gautam da loads his ‘home’-cooked food and takes it by a scooter to far off places. Just to feed some of his hungry babies that wait for him there. And Gautam da does not turn a blind eye to needy humans either. We know that from other specific experiences. Gautam da quit his normal life. Because normal life is for normal people. And he is special. He is inspirational. He makes us dream and hope again..of some future world where animals will be cared and loved, their suffering and emotions will be thought of. Isn’t that a dream we want to dream? Gautam Mitra is our animalist of the month. Gautam da lives his life as a example. An inspirational tale, unfolding amidst our ‘normal’ existences, that tells us what can be done with a heart full of compassion for non-humans. His is that story which makes some of us admirers make a wish: “If only I could be him.” Gautam Mitra is a hero of us, one of those who inspire us to be better at serving the voiceless babies. He is a special man that we are fortunate to interact personally. Today we are sharing him with the world. we only aspire to spread his tale…to let Gautam da inspire others to join his clan, in whatever capacity they can. This compilation of post was done by some of our arc well wishers…

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Posted on September 3, 2018 by Animal Rescue and Care Kolkata

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