Animal Sheltering

  1. Home for Old aged animals: For any living being old age is the time to relax and live peacefully without much hassle. It’s the time when senior strays are no more able to scavenge for food or adjust or fight with adverse conditions of staying on road so ARC tries to give shelter to as many senior dogs as possible, the senior ones who come here for treatment becomes a member of Arc family once after treatment period is over.
  2. Home for physically challenged animals: Physically challenged and paraplegic animals hardly get adopted and it is impossible for them to survive on roads. So ARC gives shelter to some of these special Childs to give them a better standard of living.
  3. Home for abandoned Animals: ARC gives shelter and treatment to many abandoned dogs and cats that are due to reasons unknown left to die on the roads and arranges for their adoption.
  4. Home for those who have none:  ARC becomes home for puppies that come for treatment and stay for more than two months as they won’t be able to adjust in their territories after such long span of time. They are up for adoption and till adopted they stay as loved members of ARC. Similarly for animals with terminal illness that will require lifelong care and medicines after initial treatment period also stay with us if not adopted.