Treatment of Animal

  1. Treatment in Shelter: providing proper treatment to injured/distressed or aged animals and even birds by conducting all possible pathological tests. ARC handles critical cases of cancer and other serious ailments complicated surgeries like bone pinning, bone plating, spine surgery and jaw fixation.
  2. Treatment on Spot: considering the limited no. of shelters and their space constraints ARC has started treating animals on spot who are suffering from less severe or minor issues to ensure they get at least some treatment instead of none, as these minor issues are easier to treat but if left untreated can turn fatal. These treatments are carried on by our staffs, appointed for various parts Kolkata.
  3. Remote Medical Assistance: ARC provides free online veterinary guidance to many animal lovers all across the country. Sometimes veterinary assistance is not available in rural areas, or sometimes due to various reasons caregiver is unable to take the needy animal to hospital immediately, in situations like this the vets of ARC guides and gives treatment advises to animal lovers after getting proper information and like this many lives are saved.