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Please save him by raising donation for his hospital care..
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Fund Raising Campaign

Fund Raising Campaign

The aim of Animal Rescue and Care (ARC) is to rescue and treat distressed stray animals and alleviate their sufferings. We look forward to eliminate the unnecessary suffering of the animals by organized ABC programs. Our mission is to educate people and replace their neglect and lack of sympathy with compassion. We aim to work in a world where animals get their equal rights and humans learn to coexist, where there will be an end to animal abuse and animals would be able to live a life of their own.


Address : 11/4, Jyotirmoy Nagar, Thakurpukur, Kolkata – 700 063.
Regd No : 160700034/2016
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Rescue Videos

Leg Broken in Pieces! Amazing Recovery! Don't Miss the End
Posted on August 19, 2019 by Animal Rescue and Care Kolkata
Moments of fun and reckless driving can ruin the life of an innocent kid and Winty is an example of that. Winty's forelimb was crushed by some careless driver but her luck was good that she was rescued on time,she got the best treatment and recovered completely,not only that she got a wonderful set of parents who adopted her and pamper her now like anything.So overcoming all the hurdles Winty finally became the winner.
Fall from the Room to Pointed edge Gate! Incredibly Survived!
Posted on July 29, 2019 by Animal Rescue and Care Kolkata
Honey the poor little kid had a miraculous recovery when she fell down from the top of a three storied building right on a sharp piercing iron Gate… She was hanging from the pointed edge from where she was rescued treated and finally she got a second chance to live.
We won’t let him Die || Live OT || End is Awesome
Posted on July 19, 2019 by Animal Rescue and Care Kolkata
Rio along with her mamma was taken care of by a local animal lover but a mishap happened when one dog from another area came to their territory and attacked Rio when she was alone. Rio was bitten dangerously, her peritoneal cavity ruptured and intestines came out. Her caregiver unaware of any vets called one local Para-vet who did an improper surgery and the place started swelling and becoming hard, she stopped eating... It was then he got our contacts after searching internet and we rescued the poor kid. She again had to go through a surgery and this time a proper one to get better. She was very unstable even after surgery but slowly after drips proper medication n care started responding... Within the next 45 days Rio healed completely and got back to her caregiver who was overwhelmed to get her back again... Rios story had a happy ending because we got her on time but not all Rios are lucky enough to get a second chance… Our city lacks proper vets and is full of self proclaimed vets and quacks who does more harm than good... Keep supporting us do that we can save more like her...

About Us


Animal Rescue and Care (ARC) is a Kolkata based animal welfare organization with shelter and rehabilitation facility working for animals in distress. From rescue to creating awareness and fighting for animal rights ARC tries to make this world a safe and secure place for these animals and inspire the society to defend these voiceless animals and their rights.