Like thousands of other strays #Mithai¬†was also scavenging for food n roaming on the roads bearing the extreme pain of a huge tumor on her back but didn’t get the much needed attention..
No passerby or onlookers cared enough to provide some relief to her from the unimaginable pain and ultimately her huge tumor bursted causing a gaping wound full of puss and maggots making her very weak and feeble..
She would have had a horrible death like most animals in our country due to lack of infrastructure if she wasn’t rescued and admitted for treatment by Tayan Roy and his friends who even donated 500 for her..

Her maggots have been cleared,wound has been dressed ,drips have started and necessary treatment will follow.

#Mithai unlike most animals got a second chance to live..
All she wants now is YOUR SUPPORT TO RECOVER.
Please contribute towards her treatment.

We are trying to raise 10k for her treatment which includes vet visits, medicines, pathology ,boarding fees all estimated for a period of approx 60days.

U can donate here…
Animal rescue and care kolkata
Account no-197305000259
Icici bank
Google pay 7890535353
Paytm 9433538487

Address : 11/4, Jyotirmoy Nagar, Thakurpukur, Kolkata – 700 063.
Regd No : 160700034/2016
Email :
Call : (+91)7890-535353/838383
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