Diamond –

This dog has been suffering over a long period until our volunteer find and rescued him. The condition is very severe. Also he is very malnourished. Blood work will be done tomorrow.he is doing black potty also, eating less, saline is being given… Some meds saline n injection are being given primarily along with some food supplements to gain nutrition, to reduce infections n stabilize him after that surgery will be done.

Ref case no: Arc/2016/11/009
Location: Kolkata
Problem: raptured tumour,severe malnutrition,black stool

#update1 : blood work has been done today, report will come tomorrow. Till then basic saline injection n meds along with dressing is being done.

#update2: blood reports are not ok; haemoglobin is very low n total count is very high. Other things also has problem. Treatment has already started but case is very critical. There has been a very littleimprovement of growth though.

#update3 : growth has reduced little, but still now condition is not suitable for OT; will be operated once vets think its right to. Appetite has increased; other supplements are being given as he is very weak…

#update4: growth has reduced a lot. But health has deterioratedin spite of all required meds n supplements being given. Currently we are working to improve that…

#update5 : growth has almost vanished. But he has lost a lot of weight in spite of giving high protein food n supplement. He is being given saline too. Blood reports will be done soon for understanding the progress.

#upate6 : he is totally fit now, will be released soon; will need some care after release. Proper food actually .he has a local care giver n we believe he will take care of that…

Total treatment cost: 10693 approx.
Transport: 350
Vet fee : 800(16visits in 2mnths @50 per visit)
Saline injections n medicines required for 15 days approximately estimated : 728
O.t charges n other otrequirement : 1500
Post-operative charges,cost of vitamins n liver supplements for mal nutrition: 2465
Dhppil n ARV vaccine with deworming once stable n before release (mandatory) : 400
Pathology : 1550
Shelter charges for 60days: 3000(nursing, caring, food and lodging@ 50 per day)


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