Goda :

                                             “Goda Got A Second Life”

ARC was informed that a dog without front portion of the head has taken refuge inside a college and howling in pain and trying to bite anyone going nearby.The members quickly rushed to the spot and the site was a heart breaking one.An adult dog whose head was almost eaten up by maggots and scull was exposed was crying bitterly and very very scared.After a lot of failed attempts one of our members succeeded in getting hold of him by luring him with food and basic first aid was given.




Application Of Medicines And Injection  To Give Him Some Relief



Once the wound was dressed and pain relieving medication was given he was little relaxed and our members transported him to our shelter where our doctors were waiting for him.His treatment started asap ,he was put on drips and other required iv injections.By the the time his drip was complete and all the maggots were removed he was much friendly.No one knows since how long he was starving as he was severely dehydrated and almost gobbled up the food that was served to him in our shelter. His wound was a very large one and required prolonged treatment.He was regularly checked by vets,given proper food and care along with necessary medication and religious dressing.He like a good boy cooperated wonderfully.He was pampered by all of us and he enjoyed every bit of it.

Goda Was A Very Docile Kid                                                                                         

Loved Cuddles And Belly Rubs!!!


Slowly with time after approximately four months his wounds dried up completely,all our efforts, hard-work and his extreme willpower brought the results and Goda Was Cured.Little love and care can bring a magical change. Goda was finally released back to his territory where he got back his old friends and life full of freedom.










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